Genera of family “Incertae sedis”


Test in a low trochospiral coil, spiral side flattened but slightly involute, final whorl slightly elevated and partly overlapping the preceding one.


test free, monothalamous, ovoid shape (ratio length/width between 1 and 2), < 115um in length and < 85 um in width; organic wall transparent from 1 to 3 um in width. Two opposite apertures, funnel-shaped with a tubular internal extension. Cytoplasm multinucleate at least in this stage of its life cycle; granular, with rapid movement. Reticulopodes very active with rapidly forming large reticulopodial network and fast moving granules.


Low trochospiral test, slightly compressed, rounded periphery, spiral side partially evolute around an umbonal boss, umbilical side involute, chambers with flaplike projections overhanging the umbilicus.


Lenticular, low trochospiral test, spiral side evolute with three slowly enlarging whorls, four to five chambers in the final whorl, umbilical side involute.