Species of family “Calcarinidae” (7)

Neorotalia calcar

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Calcarinidae” > Genus “Neorotalia

Original description Orbigny, A.D., , 1839, 2
Revision Hottinger, L., Halicz, E., Reiss, Z., 1991, J. Paleontol., 65, 18-33
Description Renema, W., Hoeksema, B., W., van Hinte, J., E., 2001, Zool. Verh. Leiden, 334, 115-149

General description

Trochospirally coiled test, involute on umbilical side. More or less biconvex in side view. Chambers in the last whorl with one triangular spine each.

Representative pictures

Neorotalia calcar, Japan Neorotalia calcar, Japan Neorotalia calcar, Japan
1 specimen