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Androsina lucasi

Order “Miliolida” > Family “Soritidae” > Genus “Androsina

Original description Levy, A., 1977, Bull. Cent. Rech. Explor.-Prod. Elf-Aquitaine, 393-449
Further reference Hallock, P., Peebles, W. M., 1993, Mar. Micropal., 277-292
Further reference Holzmann M., Hohenegger J., Hallock P., Piller W.E., Pawlowski J., 2001, Mar. Micropal., 43, 57-74 (602 KB)
Further reference Pawlowski , J., Holzmann, M., Fahrni, J., Hallock, P., 2001, J. Eukaryot. Microbiol., 48, 362-367 (598 KB)

General description

Tests in Androsina are planispirally coiled and involute in early stages, later chambers become peneropliform, then flabelliform and finally broadly arched but not annular. The interior of chambers is divided by pillars. Living specimens appear brownish - greenish and harbour chlorophycean endosymbionts.

Representative pictures

Androsina lucasi Androsina lucasi; living specimen
1 specimen