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Cycloclypeus carpenteri

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Nummulitidae” > Genus “Cycloclypeus

Original description Brady, H.B., 1881, Quart. J. Microscop. Scie. (London), 21, 31-71
Further reference Holzmann M., Hohenegger J., Pawlowski J., 2003, J. For. Res., 33, 277-284 (127 KB)
Further reference Holzmann, M., Berney, C., Hohenegger, J., 2006, Symbiosis, 42, 93-101 (3.03 MB)
Description Hohenegger, J., Yordanova, E., Hatta, A., 2000, J. Foram. Res., 30, 3-28
Further reference Hohenegger, J., 2009, Galaxea, Journal of Coral Reef Studies., 2, 81-89

General description

Large discoidal test with annular chambers divided into chamberlets by secondary septa. Brownish colour in living specimens due to diatom endosymbionts.

Representative pictures

Cycloclypeus carpenteri Cycloclypeus carpenteri, gamont, Japan, Sesoko Cycloclypeus carpenteri
2 specimens