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Operculinella cumingii

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Nummulitidae” > Genus “Operculinella

Original description Carpenter, W., B., 1859, Royal Soc. London, Philos. Trans., 149, 1-41
Description Hohenegger, J., Yordanova, E., Hatta, A., 2000, J. Foram. Res., 30, 3-28
Further reference Holzmann, M., Berney, C., Hohenegger, J., 2006, Symbiosis, 42, 93-101 (3.03 MB)

General description

Smooth exterior, undivided chambers. External similarities in shape to N. venosus but is distinguished by the latter by the possession of trabeculae. Brownish colour in living specimens caused by diatom symbionts.

Representative pictures

Operculinella cumingii
2 specimens