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Gloiogullmia sp.

Order “"monothalamids"” > Family “Clade C2” > Genus “Gloiogullmia

Original description of genus Nyholm, K., G., 1974, Zoon, 2, 157-196
Further reference Pawlowski, J., Majewski, W., Longet, D., Guiard, J., Cedhagen, T., Gooday, A., J., Korsun, S., Habura, A., Bowser, S., S., 2008, Polar Biol., 31, 1205-1216 (652 KB)
Further reference Pawlowski, J., Holzmann, M., Berney, C., Fahrni, J., Cedhagen, T., Bowser, S.,S., 2002, J. For. Res., 32, 334-343 (123 KB)

General description

Test elongate ovate to sausage-shaped, up to 2mm in length. Wall of two more or less separated proteinaceous membranes, single aperture, cytoplasm with numerous inclusions.

Representative pictures

Gloiogullmia sp., Antarctica, New Harbour
1 specimen