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Nonionella labradorica

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Incertae sedis” > Genus “Nonionella

Original description Dawson, J. W., 1860, Canadian Nat. Geol. , Montreal, Canada., 5, 191
Further reference Schweizer, M., Pawlowski, J., Kouwenhoven, T., J., Guiard, J., van der Zwaan, B., 2008, Mar. Micropal., 66 (1.09 MB)
Further reference Cedhagen, T., 1991, Ophelia, 33, 17-30 (7.88 MB)

General description

Equilateral smooth test, last chamber inflated, extends in two lobes on either side of the earlier whorls.

Representative pictures

Nonionella labradorica Nonionella labradorica
4 specimens