Species found in “reef slope, hard bottom” (1)

Alveolinella quoyi

Order “Miliolida” > Family “Alveolinidae” > Genus “Alveolinella

Original description Orbigny, A.D., , 1839, 2
Further reference Holzmann M., Hohenegger J., Hallock P., Piller W.E., Pawlowski J., 2001, Mar. Micropal., 43, 57-74 (602 KB)
Further reference Hohenegger, J., Yordanova, E., Nakano, N., Tatzreiter, F., 1999, Mar. Micropal., 109-168
Further reference Leutenegger, S., 1984, J. For. Res., 14, 16-35

General description

Alveolinidae have fusiform tests that are elongated along the coiling axis. The chambers of A. quoi are divided into chamberlets and numerous apertures occur in several longitudinal rows. Living specimens are characterized by a brownish colour, due to their diatom endosymbionts.

Representative pictures

Alveolinella quoi Alveolinella quoi
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