Species found in “Iceland, Sandgerdi” (1)

Cibicidoides lobatulus

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Incertae sedis” > Genus “Cibicidoides

Original description Walker, G., Jacob, E.: In Kanmacher, F., 1798, London, England, printed by Dillon and Keating
Further reference Schweizer, M., Pawlowski, J., Kouwenhoven, T., van der Zwaan, B., 2009, J. For. Res., 39, 300-315 (6.48 MB)

General description

Low trochospiral test, planoconvex in cross-section, involute, convex umbilicate side and slightly convex evolute spiral side. Coarsely perforated chamberson both sides.

Representative pictures

Cibicidoides lobatulus_C39
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