Species found in “Antarctica, McMurdo Sound, Gneiss Point” (2)

Psammophaga magnetica

Order “"monothalamids"” > Family “Clade E” > Genus “Psammophaga

Description Pawlowski, J., Majewski, W., 2011, J. Foram. Res., 41, 3-13 (["2.55 MB"])
Further reference Pawlowski, J., Holzmann, M., Berney, C., Fahrni, J., Cedhagen, T., Bowser, S.,S., 2002, J. For. Res., 32, 334-343 (["123 KB"])

General description

Elongate organic test withtransparent reflective wall. The cell body is white and transparent with fine granules and numerous mineral particles, which are concentrated at the apertural end. A great majority of the mineral particles consist of magnetite and titanoferous magnetite.

Representative pictures

Psammophaga magnetica Psammophaga magnetica
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