Species found in “Wadden sea, Mook Baai, Netherland” (2)

Elphidium excavatum

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Elphidiidae” > Genus “Elphidium

Original description Terquem, O., 1875
Description Hayward, B., W., Hollis, C., Grenfell., H., 1997, New Zealand Geol. Surv. Paleontol. Bull., 72, Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences monograph 16.

General description

Test involute, envenly rounded to lobulate; periphery broadly rounded to sub-acute, no keel; papillae ornament sutural pits umbilicus and base of aperture face; umbilicus depressed or filled with one or more bosses.

Representative pictures

2 specimens

Haynesina germanica

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Incertae sedis” > Genus “Haynesina

Original description Ehrenberg, C., G., 1840, Physikal. Abh. Königl. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, 1841: separate 1840, 81-174
Revision Banner, F. T., Culver, S. J., 1978, J. For. Res., 8, 191-195
Further reference Pillet L, de Vargas C, Pawlowski J, 2011-07-01, Protist, 162, 3, 394-404

General description

Test as in the genus Haynesina with six to twelve chambers per whorl. Broadly rounded test periphery and perforated surface.

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1 specimen