Species found in “Antarctica, Ross Ice Shelf” (1)

Bowseria arctowskii

Order “"monothalamids"” > Family “Clade B” > Genus “Bowseria

Original description Sinniger, F., Lecroq, B., Majewski, W., Pawlowski, J., 2008, Polish Pol. Res., 29, 5-15 (229 KB)
Further reference Pawlowski, J., Holzmann, M., Berney, C., Fahrni, J., Cedhagen, T., Bowser, S.,S., 2002, J. For. Res., 32, 334-343 (123 KB)

General description

The theca is elongate, tubular, often slightly curved and irregu− larly shaped. The apertural (proximal) end is usually wider and more broadly rounded compared to the narrower apical (distal) end. The aperture is single, terminal, small and rounded. It may project slightly but is sometimes retracted and invisible. The cytoplasm is white to yellowish, dense and fluffy with fine granules. It fills the theca almost entirely, sometimes leaving small empty spaces at both ends.

Representative pictures

Bowseria arctowskii Bowseria arctowskii Bowseria arctowskii Bowseria arctowskii
4 specimens