Species found in “Rhone delta, off France” (1)

Ammonia falsobeccarii

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Rotaliidae” > Genus “Ammonia

Original description Uchio, T., 1950, Assoc. Petr. Technologists, Jour., 15, 190
Revision Hofker, J., 1958, Contr. Cushman Found. For. Res., 9, 46-48
Further reference Schweizer,M., Jorissen, F.,Geslin, E.,, 2011, C. R. Palevol, 10, 95-105 (600 KB)

General description

Trochospiral form resembling Eponides, characterised by secondary openings on the dorsal side. The toothplate extends to the chamber wall, and is connected to the dorsal secondary openings.

Representative pictures

Ammonia falsobeccarii F277
1 specimen