Species found in “New Zealand, Wellington Harbor” (1)

Virgulinella fragilis

Order “Rotaliida” > Family “Virgulinellidae” > Genus “Virgulinella

Original description Grindell D.S., Collen J.D., 1976, Rev. Espanola de Micropaleontol., 8, 273-278
Further reference Tsuchiya M., Grimm W.G., Heinz P., Stögerer K., Ertan T.K., Collen J., Brüchert V., Hemleben C., Hemleben V., Kitazato H., , 2009, Marine Micropaleontology, 70, 1-2, 8-19

General description

V. fragilis has a calcareous test with a high triserial chamber configuration. Numerous elongated or oval-shaped small pores are visible on the test surface . A narrow, elongated tear-shaped aperture is situated at the inner margin of the ultimate chamber and extends toward the apex. A tooth plate stretches through the chambers and terminates around the aperture. Serrate undulation is developed on the basal end of each chamber. Arched sutural openings with interposed bridges of basal chamber wall are developed in each chamber.

Representative pictures

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