Cedhagen, T., Pawlowski, J., 2002, J. For. Res., 32, 351-357

Toxisarcon synsuicida n. gen., n. spec., a large monothalamous foraminiferan from the west coast of Sweden

Cedhagen, T., Pawlowski, J.

A new foraminiferan, Toxisarcon synsuicidica n. gen., n. sp., is reported from clay bottoms of Kosterfjorden (Sweden). The species is characterized by a large irregular cell body covered by an organic lining to which foreign particles are attached. It resembles an irregular clump of detritus or sediment aggregation and it can therefore easily be overlooked. Marine biologists who have worked intensively with benthic fauna in the area have never observed it despite the fact that it is quite common. The peculiar feature of the new species is its capacity to stock toxic products that can be harmful to itself if accidentally released.