Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil L., Holzmann M., Pawlowski J., 2013, European Journal of Protistology, 49, 210-216

Arnoldiellina fluorescens gen.et sp. nov.-A new green autofluorescent foraminifer from the Gulf of Eilat (Israel)

Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil L., Holzmann M., Pawlowski J.

A new monothalamous (single-chambered) soft-walled foraminiferal species, Arnoldiellina fluorescens gen. et sp. nov., was isolated from samples collected in the Gulf of Eilat, Israel. The species is characterized by a small elongate organic theca with a single aperture of allogromiids. It is characterized by the emission of green autofluorescence (GAF) that has so far not been reported from foraminifera. Phylogenetic analysis of a fragment of the 18S rDNA indicates that the species is related to a group of monothalamous foraminiferans classified as clade I. Although the morphology of the new species is very different compared to the other members of this clade, a specific helix in 18S rRNA secondary structure strongly supports this position.