Zaninettia conica

Order “Textulariida” > Family “Carterinidae” > Genus “Zaninettia

Original description Brönnimann P., Whittaker J.E., 1983, Revue de Paléobiologie, 2, 13-33
Further reference Pawlowski J., Holzmann M., Debenay J.-P., accepted for publication, Journal of Foraminiferal Research

General description

In this species, the first stage is a small, high, conical trochospire consisting of about 2 whorls, flattening out toward the periphery, with a subcircular outline. It is shallow-concave on the umbilical side, with a deep axial depression. The following chambers that make up the flattened second ontogenetic stage are crescent with secondary septa. They become increasingly elongated and are added irregularly, resulting in an unevenly lobed outline of the test. There is no peripheral flange. The spirally elongate-crescent chambers appear as symmetric, petal-shaped, on the umbilical side. The walls are made up of typically “rounded-rectangular” truncated spicules that are scattered. The first chambers are dark brown to blackish while the remaining ones are yellowish or white.

Representative pictures

Zaninettia conica